Athletic Mouthguards

There’s no doubt about it – kids can play rough, and sometimes their teeth pay the price for it. That’s why it’s so important to provide your kids with athletic mouthguards if they’re involved in rough and tumble sports or activities. Dr. Smitherman can explain the differences in athletic mouthguards and recommend which is appropriate for each of her Austin, TX area patients.

Top Reasons to Visit Austin Family Dentistry for Athletic Mouthguards

Some studies have shown that over 25 percent of all dental injuries in children are related to sports

Dental injuries can be expensive for parents to have repaired

Dental injuries can be traumatic for children, causing them not only physical pain and discomfort, but also time away from school and other activities

What You Need to Know about Athletic Mouthguards

The American Dental Association estimates that it’s 60 times more likely for an athlete to experience dental injury if he or she does not wear a mouthguard. That’s a pretty compelling reason to consider a mouthguard for your own child. Although they are not required for every sport, it’s still possible for your child to be injured in sports that don’t require the device. In fact, countless kids have lost teeth by simply engaging in everyday activities like bicycle riding!

Generally speaking, there are three categories of mouthguards:

Those available at sporting goods stores

The “boil and bite” variety, which are soaked in water and then formed in your child’s mouth with bite pressure

Custom mouthguards available from your dentist

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While the first two types offer some minor amount of protection, they are often uncomfortable to wear and can make it difficult to talk. A custom-made mouthguard, on the other hand, provides excellent protection, is very comfortable for your child to wear, and is surprisingly affordable.

When you consider all the daily activities that your kids engage in, athletic mouthguards make all the sense in the world. This small investment could end up saving you much greater expense in the future!

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