Children’s Preventative Exams Cleanings

Any parent knows all too well how easily kids develop cavities. That’s why preventative exams & cleanings are so important for your child. Not only will regular trips to the dentist help prevent cavities, they will help to get your little ones accustomed to the dentist chair, which means they’ll be more likely to continue regular dental visits throughout their lifetimes. Dr. Smitherman offers a wide variety of children’s dentistry procedures for her Austin, TX area patients.

Top Reasons to Choose Austin Family Dentistry for Preventative Exams & Cleaning

Bringing your child in for regular exams and professional cleanings will allow Dr. Smitherman to monitor your child’s dental development

Preventative exams and cleaning should be just as much a part of your kids’ oral health regimen as making sure they brush twice a day and floss regularly

Bringing your child in twice a year will allow Dr. Smitherman to catch cavities or gum disease as early as possible, making those conditions easier to treat

What You Can Expect During Preventative Exams & Cleaning

In addition to a thorough examination of your child’s teeth and gums, Dr. Smitherman will also take x-rays whenever necessary to make sure that both the baby teeth and the permanent teeth are progressing as they should be. We’ll also help you to determine whether or not your child may need orthodontic treatment.

Professional cleaning is particularly important for children, since they often miss food particles when they brush, and that can lead to plaque and tartar buildup. Another important service that our dental professionals provide is to educate your children on how to brush properly, along with other healthy oral hygiene habits.

Dr. Smitherman will also make recommendations with regard to other preventative steps you can take to ensure your child’s good oral health, such as fluoride treatments or sealants, for example.

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