Fluoride Treatments

One of the most effective agents in fighting tooth decay is fluoride. Fluoridated drinking water is a great source of fluoride, as is fluoride toothpaste. But most children benefit from fluoride treatments as well. Dr. Smitherman offers parents the option of giving their children fluoride treatments in her Austin, TX, office as one of the many preventative children’s dentistry services she provides.

Why You Should Take Your Child to Austin Family Dentistry for Fluoride Treatments

Kids are prone to developing cavities, and fluoride treatments are an effective way to prevent tooth decay

Fluoride treatments are especially important if your child doesn’t have access to fluoridated drinking water

Children of all ages – from six months old to 16 years old – can benefit greatly from fluoride treatments

How Fluoride Benefits Your Child

Studies show that fluoride can decrease tooth decay rate by 50 percent or more. Fluoride has been proven to be safe, it’s relatively inexpensive, and it doesn’t take that much fluoride to make a difference. While fluoride is a great way to prevent decay, it’s also possible to get too much of it, which can result in spots developing on your child’s permanent teeth. For that reason, parents should monitor how much fluoride toothpaste their children are using and find out whether or not their drinking water is fluoridated. Given that information, Dr. Smitherman can help parents determine whether their children are getting adequate amounts of fluoride.

A few of the benefits of fluoride treatments include the following:

Reduces the ability of germs in the mouth to cause tooth decay

Helps to make teeth more resistant to tooth decay

Helps to repair small areas of decay before large cavities form

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There are several different fluoride treatments available, including gels, tablets and mouth rinses. Dr. Smitherman can help you decide which one is the best choice for your child.

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