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Adult First Visit

At your first visit, Dr. Smitherman will get to know you—not just your teeth, but also your past dental experiences, your goals for your smile and any specific concerns that brought you to our office. We will reserve at least 90 minutes for your first visit, because it’s important to Dr. Smitherman that you have plenty of time to get to know our team and ask us any questions you may have.

What To Expect At Your First Visit

  • An examination of your teeth, gums and existing dental work
  • X-rays and panoramic X-rays, if necessary
  • A basic dental cleaning, polishing and flossing to test gums
  • Measuring of gum pockets
  • Oral Cancer Screening with Oral ID

Children’s First Visit

We understand that the first visit to a dental office is a very important step in your child’s life. That’s why our compassionate pediatric dentist, Dr. Smitherman, takes the time to make that first visit as fun, stress-free and comprehensive as possible. Children are very receptive to your attitude too, so even if you’re a little nervous yourself, remember to be positive and excited when discussing the visit with your child.


What To Expect At Your First Visit

  • An examination of your child’s teeth and gums
  • A tutorial on simple and effective methods of cleaning your child’s teeth
  • A discussion about your child’s diet and nutrition in relation to tooth decay
  • Preventive measures such as fluoride application, if parent accepted
  • A plan for maintenance and future appointments