One of the most effective ways of preventing cavities in children is sealants. This plastic resin material is particularly helpful for young people, who are generally more prone to forming cavities because their brushing and flossing is often not thorough enough. Dr. Smitherman provides sealants to her Austin, TX patients as one of the many children’s dentistry services she offers at Austin Family Dentistry.

Top Reasons to Choose Austin Family Dentistry for Sealants

Sealants are very effective in helping to prevent the development of cavities in young people, which can reduce the cost of dental procedures for parents

Dr. Smitherman and her staff at Austin Family Dentistry have many years of experience in working with children of all ages

The fees charged by Austin Family Dentistry are reasonable and comparable to other dentists in the Austin area

How to Know if a Sealants is Right for Your Child

If your son or daughter is missing some of the hard-to-reach areas when brushing or flossing, it’s easy for bacteria to form in the grooves and small cracks in the teeth. Once bacteria forms, tooth decay soon follows. Sealants are comprised of a plastic resin material that bonds to the tooth surface, hardens, and fills in those small cracks and grooves, greatly reducing the chance for bacteria to accumulate and decay to form.

After a thorough examination of your child’s teeth, Dr. Smitherman can help you decide if sealants are right for your child. Typically, sealants are used on permanent teeth, but using a sealant on baby teeth might also be appropriate in some circumstances. In fact, many adults choose to have sealants applied as well, as an extra measure of protection against cavities.

Sealants typically last from three to five years or so, and eventually the teeth will need to be resealed in order to achieve the maximum benefit from the sealant.

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