Traditional Braces

Having an attractive smile is a great way to improve your self-esteem. And one of the most important components of a nice-looking smile is straight teeth. But having straighter teeth isn’t just cosmetic. Repairing crooked teeth can improve your ability to chew food effectively, and it can reduce discomfort that may come with having crooked teeth. Although there are a few different alternatives when it comes to straightening your teeth, traditional braces are one of the most effective methods. Dr. Smitherman is pleased to offer this service to her Austin, TX area patients.

Top Reasons to Choose Austin Family Dentistry for Traditional Braces

Dr. Smitherman and her staff are highly trained orthodontic professionals

Austin Family Dentistry understands how important it is to work out flexible payment plans for our patients

Traditional braces can be a relatively cost-effective means of straightening teeth

You’re never too old to get your teeth straightened – Dr. Smitherman and her staff are accustomed to working with patients from all age groups, from the very youngest to the most elderly members of your family

What You Should Know about Traditional Braces

Traditional braces consist of a small metal bracket that is glued to the front of each tooth, and arch wires connect onto the brackets. In addition, most patients need to wear either metal tie wires or rubber bands called ligatures to hold the arch wires in place. Over a period of time, usually several months at least, the traditional braces work to move the teeth into their new, permanent, straight position. This type of technology has been around for quite some time, and for good reason: it works!

Why Traditional Braces May Be the Best Choice for You

Although there are some other options for teeth straightening that have become more common over the past few years, there are several different reasons why traditional braces may be the best choice for you:

Traditional braces are usually less expensive

Traditional braces are typically stronger and more durable

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